Post 5: Organization for LUFFs - Filing

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh hi (I say sheepishly). I’ve been trying to avoid writing this post. Oh yes, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ve been trying to think of ways to weasel my way out of admitting that, while I’m hosting a linky party next Monday on organization (please say you be there), I’ve been carpeing that diem a little too much and have really kind of failed miserably at organizing my guest room as well as I should have by now. True, of all the things to beat yourself up about in life this is not one of them…but still. I HATE saying I’m going to do something and then not do it. Definitely one of my big pet peeves.

I have shown you here and here and here how to get rid of stuff, but I haven’t exactly shown you where to go from there. So I’ll make a little effort to do that today.

See this lovely thrift store file cabinet in the back of my car? I got it for a steal. I love the functionality of a real file cabinet and you can find them easily at thrift stores or on Craigslist.


There are really fun, decorative file folders out there in patterns I love. I’ve seen some really cute ones at Target. I’m the cost conscious manila folder kind of gal, though. You can get a package of a zillion at your local office supply store really inexpensively…and really, it’s a file folder not a decorative pillow, right? You can get 100 8-1/2 x 11 manila file folders at Office Depot for $6.29. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

And as far as putting files in a filing cabinet? Well, I like to go with alphabetical order…but that’s just me. You could also get fancy color coded files for different categories like home, car, taxes, and different family members.

I’m also a tad lazy about making my own labels, and instead just hand write the file name on the folder. I hear these fancy schmancy (and relatively inexpensive) label makers will change your life though. I do secretly want one.


If you don’t have room for a “real” file cabinet, I loved this idea from Centsational Girl. She purchased file boxes from Target ($5 each) and devoted each box to a specific category. The bonus of this idea is that you can easily see what’s inside each box…and if you do buy those pretty file folders you can admire them from time to time :).

I cross-my-heart, hope-to-die, stick-a-needle-in-my-eye promise that I will reveal my fully organized guest bedroom next Monday, for the organization party. And for the record, you’re welcome to link up any organization project. I just think it would be a great way to share organization insights with one another.

Tune in tomorrow for an awesome GIVEAWAY!

Have a great day!

6 Suburbanites Said:

Amy Kinser said...

I am with you on the cheap plain manila file folders. They are going to be hidden anyway. I did just buy a label maker with some Christmas money and I love it. No more writing on things and crossing them out when I change them out. That was pretty tacky. Now I love to label things.

I will be looking forward to your finished room. And, don't be too hard on yourself. We have all been there and done that and are still doing it.

If you're interested, stop by my blog for a pay it forward give away. I would love for you participate.

Loui said...

I'm with you..and Amy..and all the others out there.. we all are guilty..
mine is pretty bad..
the guest bed just a catchall..
my office..AWFUL..
but am working on hour at a time..(hey, i was told the easiest way was by taking it small increments at a time..)
would love to join your party..
warm hugs.. laughing smiles..

Centsational Girl said...

Hi there dear, you're party is coming up on Monday, yay ! Thanks for the shout ou - I'm still loving those bins, and they're filled with plenty of plain vanillas too. Looking forward to next week in TN.

Centsational Girl said...

Shout ou ? Ooops.

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

I hate filing. Our current cabinets are metal and are all bent because we have way too much stuff in them - like 3 years worth of papers. It's bad, I know. And don't get me started on the guest room - it's really bad. Another thing to add to the list!


The Fishman said...

I have become a big fan of using Pendaflex file folders when doing organizing. Then, it's about color coordinating different types of papers to save. A bit tedious but could help with that extra OCD that some people have when it comes to organization.


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