These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready for pictures galore? Here are a few of my favorite things.
Ticking Stripes

Source: Old Pottery Barn Photo

Source: White Flower Farmhouse (those girls have the best stuff)

Linen Fabric

(I love linen's casual refinement...ahhh so suptuous)

Source: Unknown via Camilla at Home

Source: Lucca & Co.

Source: BHG?


(Some people collect shoes...I collect pillows...'nuf said)

Source of Two Above: Les Indiennes (who I want to marry btw)

Source: White Flower Farmhouse

Source: John Robshaw


(There's nothing that says "ahhhh I can breath" like white)

Source: Unknown (Let me know if you know)

Source: Cottage Living...RIP


(I love the use of monograms in this Cottage Living Bathroom)

Old "European" Style Furniture

(Yes...I do realize Europe is a big place...I'm talking about Sweden, France, etc.)

Source: Home Decorators Collection (May not be available anymore)

Source: Wisteria

Candles That Smell So Yummy You Could Eat Them

(Seriously...I just bought a pumpkin candle from Walmart that's mouth watering. The apple cider one smelled good too.)

(Not my actual candle - Don't be looking for this one at Walmart)

(In addition to my pillow collection, I have an extensive (aka GINORMOUS) paint sample collection. Mmmm, there's nothing like the sensation of putting a beautiful color on the wall.)

Chicken Chimichangas with Plenty of Cheese, Sour Cream and Guac
(I'm just being honest here...they're heavenly....)

(Don't worry - I don't eat them everyday)

Girly Stuff is having a party if you want to link with your own favorite things.

26 Suburbanites Said:

Sa-Sea Boutique said...


Kimm at Reinvented said...

What a great idea for a post! Apparently, we like a lot of the same things! Love the pictures, that linen sofa is divine.

Noodle said...

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your favorite things, and I join you in mourning the demise of Cottage Living magazine. I liked it and was a subscriber for one year - I was shocked when they stopped publishing.
Thanks again for the lovely pictures!

{ L } said...

My favorite things are the same as your favorite things! :) Including the mexican food!

Michelle said...

I really enjoyed reading your list!

beth said...

Those are a few of MY favorite things, too. I don't even have to make my own list. :)

Girly Stuff said...

There was not one thing I didn't give you two thumbs up for! I especially love linen right now.

I miss Cottage Living too. They were all about the beadboard. And Heather Chadduck.

And my whole family could split that chimichanga!

Thanks for playing!

Allison said...

I love all your favorite things. They all make me happy.

Room to Inspire said...

Great list! And those chimichangas look to die for! Thanks for sharing.


Tracey said...

Wonderful list! I could live in that laundry room it's so great!!

:) T

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I shared a few of my favourite things too, and linked to your blog. I love ticking, pillows, white and paint too, but my favourites had to stop somewhere!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

We have a lot of the same, love your blog.....great pillows...Love your blog....
Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog that I launched this week. The button on my regular blog will take you right to it....

Anonymous said...

I love all of your favorite things! I own the French chair and adore it. A nice version was in Homegoods last week for $ tempting to fill my house with :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Moley...this post totally nailed it for me too. BTW, I have been looking for that Ticking Stripe quilt high & low. Its no where to be found :o(

Ryan said...

REPOST (after logging onto Google)
Holy Moley...this post totally nailed it for me too. BTW, I have been looking for that Ticking Stripe quilt high & low. Its no where to be found :o(

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I think I share many of your favorite things--including chicken chimichangas! That's what I always end up ordering in Mexican restaurants. These look really delicious.

gina said...

Mmm. Delicious pics- and not just the food. lol. Seriously, we could be besties if you lived in my neighborhood.

Robin said...

We could be sisters our taste is so much the same. Must be why I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for the yummy photos.

Aja said...

Love your favorite things! Especially the linen, white and MEXICAN FOOD!

PamperingBeki said...

Loved all of this, including the Mexican food! YUM!! Add in a big ol' margarita and I'm one happy girl.

sarah @ realestatestyle said...

these are all great things, esp the chimichangas!

Leen said...

Love the pics, especially that first one. I would love to spend few quiet hours curled up there with a book.

Marie said...

Hello AnNicole - love all your fave's! Especially those ticking pillows from White Flower Farmhouse (love them too!) and I'm going to try out the pumpkin candle. Oh how I love candles! Thank you for sharing.


Lisa Shatzer said...

The photo of the bedroom with the hydrangea print-I believe it is from Coastal home. Great post!!

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