I Heart Black Friday

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was really nice. There's nothing like being able to hang out and laugh with family.

I've been dying to tell you what I did on Friday...I have a feeling only you will truly be able to understand my out of my mind, giddy, Christmas morning when you're 5 years old excitement.

I saw that Lowe's Black Friday specials included a miter saw for $59. Choking...gasping for breath.....$59?! Are you kidding me?! So I dragged my Aunt and Cousin to not one, but two, Lowe's and finally got the last $59 miter saw. I was literally jumping up and down in the aisle (fortunately my family is very understanding of my obsession...er...hobby). Here's the link.

I also found a combo pack that included a jigsaw, power sander, drill and flashlight for $59. Score!!! Here's the link.

Ohh, the possibilities. I am so excited I can't even stand it.

I'll show you the first project I used them on tomorrow. Here's a hint: It will also be the second post in my bathroom redo. Well...that's kind of a hint.

Have a great Monday!

11 Suburbanites Said:

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw those in the ad. What great deals. You were very brave and it paid off. Congrats! I know you will put it to good use!

Bethany Christensen said...

Way to go! You are in good company - I totally understand the thrill of new tools and new possibilities. Cant wait to see your project.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Great buys!! I hit the stores on Black Friday too, but I went with some relatives that we were staying with...so we had to go later in the morning. Good shopping day though. :)

{ L } said...

You scored! Go girl. :) I'm a black friday lover too. I just got the 99 cent poinsettias at lowes, lol.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I see lots of molding in your future - I can't wait!

Cindy said...

You're brave! I'm not ready for the big guns yet...plus I have no room now that the garage is being used for cars. Who'd had thunk?

Can't wait to see the stuff you churn out with your new toys :)

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Tools.. the new jewelry. :)

ROCK ON GIRL! I'd have them propped on my bed as I slept if I were you I'd be so excited!

You will NEVER regret it! After using these things for projects, going without is like having arms without hands. You can't do anything!

Have fun. :)


Sue said...

I have purchased these items for my hubby.....I always make sure he begs a little first....I usually have the come back "Oh, when will you ever use a tool like that?" (I really do mean it cuz he just likes looking at them mostly).....little does he know I love them just as much ;-) I will never reveal my secret love for these tools as he may not ask for any more! EEEK! Then what excuse would I have to buy new toys, I mean tools!
Totally enjoy!


Lynette said...

OMG - I so want one of those!! I just did a quick internet search and they have some at my Lowe's - I know where I'll be going tomorrow after work - I hope they still have them at that great $$. I have wanted one forever!

I'd rather have that than jewelry or clothes this year!

Can't wait to see what you end up doing with it!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Oh...wow! I was tempted to ask for one of these for Christmas a few years back and then thought, "who do you think you are?" But fast forward, I think I'm ready! Can't wait to see what you do with yours, inspire me to go shopping for my own please!

Jill said...

I got the same miter saw! At that price who could turn it down? Plus my shoulder is still sore from hand cutting lots of trim a few months ago. I am so excited to use it!

I've asked my husband for a gift cetificate to Lowes as one of my Christmas gifts. It makes me so happy to make our home prettier and more us! He isn't handy at all and just doesn't understand.


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