Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have you heard? Barking Mad has gone....well, barking mad! She's giving away one $250 Target gift card. That's groceries, clothes, bedding, weed get the idea. Click here for more details.

Even though I never win anything (except for that time when I was 13 and won New Order concert tickets over the radio...and my friend and I were too young to go alone so my dear sweet dad had to take us....and then he made us leave early because the crowd was "wierd", which to his credit it probably was) I'm still going to throw my hat in the ring.

To enter you need to list 5-10 of your favorite posts. Regardless of whether or not I win, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my home creating philosophy with you. I'm so sorry that many of you may have already seen these posts.

I believe that with enough elbow grease and creativity anyone can have a home they love without breaking the bank.

Like creating a kitchen that makes you giddy to cook in:
A New Kitchen for Around $100

Or not being frightened of your bathroom anymore (it really was scary):
Inexpensive Bathroom Redo

Or the satisfaction of updating a powder bath using (almost) only what you have on hand:
$28 Powder Bath Makeover

I also think we're waaay too hard on ourselves, myself included, and get too wrapped up in trying to make things perfect. That's what I talk about in these two posts:

Thanks for your patience today. Have a good one!

8 Suburbanites Said:

Shannan said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE it! We share a very similar decorating style - and I'm feeling inspired by your photos! I better get back to reading... :)
Shannan @ Flower Patch Farmgirl

queenbee said...

I am loving your decorating style. I have been trying to fiqure out my decorating style lately and have taken a couple of those quizzes and they all say that I am pretty much a cottage girl. I would love for you to stop by my blog and take a look at my house pictures and get your opinions. Thanks for stopping by and giving me your opinion on my hair dilemma.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Since, I recently read your blog from "cover to cover", I HAVE seen all of these! :))
You're right, they are GREAT.

Queenbee said...

I hope you win! It's fun to least that's what I've heard.

Kim said...

I'm partial to the cottage style as well. So, it was a lot of fun to take a look and see what you have done with your home - great job!!

Anonymous said...

love, love your blog! And the best part... we could be neighbors! I live in Shawnee, nice to find you!!!

Jen r. said...

Love all of the things you have done! Jen

jenjen said...

Hi - I just stumbled across your blog. I loved your faves! I am going to go look around. Thanks for letting me stop by!