Perfect for the Man Cave

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Okay – don’t laugh at me. This post is a little out there, but I figured “Ah heck. Just go for it. Someone else has GOT to think this is as cool as I do.” (I say crazy words like “heck” sometimes when talking to myself…little known fact).

I have a 17 year old cousin who has his own (awesome!) band and lives for music…especially his guitar. Last time I was at my Aunt’s house she showed me the coolest thing they had found for his room – a special guitar hanger (stay with me here). My cousin refused to let me take a picture of his bedroom (…and proceed to post it on the internet…go figure), but these photos from the manufacturer’s website kind of give you an idea of what it looks like.

guitar 1

I know…this definitely isn’t the miracle decorating cure for everyone, BUT if you happen to have a husband or son who loves to play guitar this could be a pretty cool little gizmo for you them. It not only gets the guitar off the floor, but it kind of makes it a cool showpiece – and apparently it lets you hang the guitar in any position…even upside down (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Of course you wouldn’t want in your kitchen, but it could be really neat in a den or guy’s bedroom…ah! or a man cave! Oh!…and they also work with Guitar Hero guitars! Sorry…I’m geeking out here.

Anyhoo…just had to share. If you’re interested in buying one, they’re manufactured by a company in the U.K. but I found an online company in the U.S. called Guitars in the Village that sells them for $24.00. Not too shabby.

Have a great day!



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10 Suburbanites Said:

southerninspiration said...

My son has one that is stainless, but the clear one wouldn't show as much......yes, it is a good thing to keep it up off of the floor; otherwise you wouldn't be able to FIND it!! :D


Bella Michelle said...

That is a cool idea!

Melanie said...

My son use to play guitar hero and I sure could have used those a few years ago.

Sarita said...

Very cool! I want one, I mean 3 ... I have a fiddle (haven't learned to play it yet) and my hubby has a guitar & banjo. I always thought they would cool on the wall when not it use. Better than being shoved under the bed.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hey, cool!!! I have a banjo on the wall in my living room. It was my dad's, so it's special to me. :) I wonder if this kind of hanger would work for a banjo.... :)

Terri said...

Hello there,
Hop on over and check out your blog award!

janet said...

I love it...both my sons play guitar and we have four just hanging around on stands..great idea!

The Stain Family said...

You're awesome! My husband recently replaced a guitar he had given away and I've been itching to find a neat way to hang it up...thanks so much!

Holly said...

This will be great for my DAUGHTER! We have been looking for these for a while now and not found any that I could stand the looks of. I'll check this one out. Thanks! (p.s. My 5 year old son calls his bedroom the "man cave".)

Rona's Home Page said...

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What a great tool.
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