Christmas Mantel

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I wanted a festive fireplace mantel this year, but couldn’t fork out a lot of money to get the look I wanted…so what did I do? You guessed it, I shopped the house. I did buy a voluptuous pine wreath from Old Time Pottery, but that was it. Everything else was found in the corners of my home.

I also really, REALLY wanted to sew new Christmas stockings this year because the red is just a little too much for me. Seeing as Christmas is in 10 days, though, I’m kind of doubting that’s going to happen. Oh well…I doubt my son or dog are going to complain about red stockings :). 

Oh…and by the way, my walls were NOT painted with Lemonheads, they just look like they were in the photos. They’re actually a very lovely buttery tan (The Nester’s Tobacco Road).


The little stocking is for our dog, Kingsley. It’s just big enough for a dog treat and a chew toy.


The pitcher above is one of my favorite flea-tique store finds. I tied it with a bow (obviously) and threw some berries in.


I love my star wreath. I bought it an after Christmas clearance at Pottery Barn a few years ago. I decided to fancy it up with some ribbon and hang one of my favorite snowflake ornaments in the center.


This vase would probably be lovely polished, but I kind of like it in its tarnished state. Besides, it makes that Flea-tique store pitcher feel better about its own patina. Again, I threw in more berries and hung one of my favorite beaded ornaments.


You know I had to include a bird somewhere in there. This little guy’s happy to be hanging out in the foliage…even though it’s being clotheslined by a stray silver berry.

Have a great day!

11 Suburbanites Said:

Sarah said...

Looks beautiful!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I love your star wreath, your mantle looks great!

gina said...

LOVE! I just saw over at Funky Junk - I think, she used burlap bags from the hardware store- $1.50 for stockings this year. they were cute!!

Sheila said...

Your mantel looks beautiful as does all your decorating... I hope your week has been off to a great start.


cindy said...

Just marvey! Love seeing your mantel, and I'm adoring that star wreath. Total crush. :)

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I love how you pulled it all together, great interest. Love all the layers and texture. I'm a sucker for stars, so the star wreath layered over the mirror is my most favourite part. Love the patina on the jug too.

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Really pretty! I think it is so fun to use what you takes some creativity and lets you look at your things in a new light. You did a beauiful job. I think the doggie stocking is my favorite! cute.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Shopping the house is the best, I try to do this prior to starting any project. You simply forget what great stuff is to be had until you start digging around. The mantel looks beautifully festive and love the star wreath...I've never seen one of these.

Pony Girl said...

I love the vase tarnished, too! I love things that look old. Your mantel looks gorgeous. I keep reading that a lot of people are using what they already have this year....

Laurenfaythe said...

Very pretty. I love the mantel and I can relate to shopping from the house! I have found many treasures I forgot I had that way!

Sue said...

What a pretty mantel! I love the star wreath, the tarnished vase, the ball topiaries.... so very simple, lovely- all of it. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. I have been lax in visiting since my head conking last month. Sorry, but I will get back to normal after the holidays. Reading, that is... I don't know if this head of mine will ever be the same! Seriously...
All good Christmas wishes to you, Sue